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[xsl] Applying schemas and tranforms by namespace

Subject: [xsl] Applying schemas and tranforms by namespace
From: Michael Schäfer <michael.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 19:49:52 +0100

Dear all,

We (public statistics) are operating a generic XML-based data
collection process. Now we are starting to receive namespaced XML documents from a number of authorities. Those documents must be validated and then transformed into our generic format. In order
to achieve this, we would like to set up a configurable system
that looks up the respective XML Schema and XSLT stylesheet by
namespace, and performs both validation and transform.

Given that we have seasoned Java programmers with JAXP experience,
we are thinking in the direction of a Java server app, but this
could be a case for trying out something different such as XProc
and extending our tool set. Also, we're wondering if XML catalogs
could be useful.

We'd be very grateful for any suggestion and helpful information.



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