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[xsl] Docbook profiling function in xslt?

Subject: [xsl] Docbook profiling function in xslt?
From: Russell Urquhart <russurquhart1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 21:54:04 -0500

 Before i went and tried to write one, i wanted to ask the list.
 Does anyone know if there is an xslt function/fragment already written that performs the same function as the DocBook profiling function. (i.e. parse throught the source file and send to the output, those elements that have an attribute(s) value matching those on a supplied parameter list or those who's attribute value is null.
 For example if i have the following lines in an xml file:
 <para filter="filter1,filter2Line test 1.</para
 <para filter="filter3Line test 2.</para
 <paraLine test 3</para
 And i wanted to profile for the filter attribute having a value of "filter2", i would expect to get the following output:
 <para filter="filter1,filter2Line test 1.</para
 <paraLine test 3</para
 Does that make sense? I apologize if i'm using the wrong terminology. I appreciate anyone's help on this!

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