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[xsl] [ANN] Hands-on classes in XML, XSLT, Schematron

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] Hands-on classes in XML, XSLT, Schematron
From: Tommie Usdin <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:50:53 -0400

Mulberry Technologies, Inc. is offering several hands-on XML-related classes
this fall:

- XML Basics, September 9-11

- Introduction to Schematron, September 26-27
 Expanded to two days per student request -
 including many new hands-on exercises

- XSLT/XPath Basics, September 30- October 2

- Advances Document Processing with XSLT 2.0, October 15-17

To register for the Mulberry classes call 301/315-9631 or send email
to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A bit more about these classes:

- XML Basics
 Intended for people who have an interest in textual documents, such
 as writers, editors, and programmers with HTML or typesetting
 experience, this class focuses on use of XML with text. By the end
 of the class, participants will have created a valid XML document,
 corrected well-formedness and validity errors, written a DTD, and
 will understand the differences between XML DTDs, the W3C XML Schema,
 and RELAX NG (although none of the schema languages are covered in depth).

- Introduction to Schematron
Schematron is a tool for finding things out about XML documents. It is
used to check things that may be valid but that are often incorrect and
to report on the status of a document or document collection. Participants
learn to use Schematron to identify both the presence and absence of data
and patterns, and are introduced to some of the more complex things one
can write with Schematron. In addition, participants learn enough XPath to
get started with Schematron.

- XSLT/XPath Basics
 XSLT, the non-procedural language for transforming XML into other data
 and XPath, its companion specification for identifying parts of XML
 are widely used to convert XML data into other data formats, including:
 forms such as HTML, database load formats, and XML according to other DTDs.
 class teaches the principles and practice of XSLT/XPath. Centered around the
 abstract data model of XML, students learn to create and prioritize
 use expressions, patterns, and functions to select nodes and create output;
 and create elements, attributes, processing instructions, and comments in

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Mulberry Technologies, Inc.                http://www.mulberrytech.com
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