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Re: [xsl] Arabic alphabetical lists (xslt 1.0)

Subject: Re: [xsl] Arabic alphabetical lists (xslt 1.0)
From: Wolfgang Laun <wolfgang.laun@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 15:38:52 +0200

After a look at Unicode code table U+0600..U+06FF I suspect that XSLT
processors rely on the underlying Java for producing the arabic
alphabet in order to get a set of symbols for creating the "numbering"
letter combinations.

An XSLT 2.0 processor (Saxon) produces 36 single letter numbers, which
isn't right either: it contains the teh marbutah and  U+063B through
U+063F, and the tatweel, none of which is, I think, correct.

I'm afraid you may have to roll your own, code something to create the
correct sequence of letters from an integer. If you need help with
this, there's others on this list better equipped to do it in XSLT


On 28/08/2013, Patricia Piolon <skyanth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been trying to ask a question here a number of times but my
> message keeps getting bounced, presumably because of the special
> characters?
> My question is about xslt-generated alphabetical lists with Arabic
> characters, also posted here:
> http://ask.metafilter.com/247029/Please-tell-me-about-Arabic-alphabetical-lists.
> Could you please read the question in the link and reply here?
> Sorry for the convoluted way of asking this question; I'm not going to
> spend any more time trying to find out why this listbot hates my mail
> so much, so this is my last attempt.
> -- Patricia

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