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RE: [xsl] German umlaut sort

Subject: RE: [xsl] German umlaut sort
From: "Jean-Pierre Lamon" <jpl@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 13:27:47 +0200

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your response (and to the others too :-)
But sorry, I don't understand : what do you mean by tool or software?
In my soft, I'm only launching a FOP cmd under Windows.
And to retrieve my list, a XSLT stylesheet with:

<xsl:for-each select="//*[@tag=$tag]|//*[@tag=$tag2]|//*[@tag=$tag3]">
	<xsl:sort select="."/>

And for the different ordering rules, your right : in my case, I must use the
german swiss ordering sort, which is not the same as the german one. Quite
simple :-) I don't know how to manage this issue with XSL. Maybe any idea for
a workaround?


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what Heiko meant: There is not a single "true" German sort order. Thats why
(as I remember) books like dictionaries or phonebooks explain their sorting

What you get is also dependent on the software and tool you use, as XSLT is
not defining any language sort order.

- Michael

Am 05.06.2013 um 21:12 schrieb Heiko Niemann <kontakt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Jean-Pierre,
> your list is sorted correctly. When sorting German words you treat
> a-umlaut as a, o-umlaut as o and u-umlaut as u. At least I always would do
> it this way. :)
> Regards,
> Heiko
>> Hi,
>> IC"b,b"m using the XSLT CB+ sort CB; command toC"b,B& sort yes C"KB:
>> But with the C"b,EumlautC"b,B, I don't get the good sequence. How could
I get
>> the good one? Example : in general, C"b,ECB$C"b,B is translated as
C"b,EaeC"b,B. Is
>> there a way or a tip to force that?
>> My wrong sorted list
>> Hochschulbau | 213 | 276
>> Hochschullehrer | 205
>> HomosexualitCB$t | 98
>> HCB6rfunksender | 330 --> this should be sorted as Hoerfunksender, so the
>> place is the wrong one
>> Humanistische Bildung | 202 | 203 | 209
>> Ideengeschichte | 82
>> Industriekultur | 7 | 162 |
>> Regards
>> JP

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