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[xsl] Balisage 2013 Program Announced

Subject: [xsl] Balisage 2013 Program Announced
From: Tommie Usdin <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 15:06:44 -0400

     Balisage: The Markup Conference
      2013 Program Now Available

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of
descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing
information. Participants typically include XML users, librarians, archivists,
computer scientists, XSLT and XQuery programmers, implementers of XSLT and
XQuery engines and other markup-related software, Topic-Map enthusiasts,
semantic-Web evangelists, members of the working groups which define the
specifications, academics, industrial researchers, representatives of
governmental bodies and NGOs, industrial developers, practitioners,
consultants, and the world's greatest concentration of markup theorists.
Discussion is open, candid, and unashamedly technical.

Major features of this year's program include several challenges to the
fundamental infrastructure of XML; case studies from government, academia, and
publishing; approaches to overlapping data structures; discussions of XMLs
political fortunes; and technical papers on XML, XForms, XQuery, REST, XSLT,
RDF, XSL-FO, XSD, the DOM, JSON, and XPath.

  Schedule at a Glance: http://www.balisage.net/2013/At-A-Glance.html
  Detailed Program: http://www.balisage.net/2013/Program.html

I think this program is the strongest Balisage program to date. Please take a

-- Tommie Usdin
   Chair, Balisage: The Markup Conference

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2013          mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
August 6-9, 2013                              http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium                       August 5, 2012

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