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Re: [xsl] document function cached?

Subject: Re: [xsl] document function cached?
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2013 21:49:12 +0000

On 08/02/2013 21:31, Liam R E Quin wrote:
On Thu, 2013-02-07 at 18:17 +0100, Michel Hendriksen wrote:
The predicate is evaluated for each node in the list.
So, $file-nbn-set/nbn-set/nbn gives a list (for you) of 3 nodes.
For the first one, position() will be 1.
For the second one, position() will be 2.
For the third one, position() will be 3.
The predicate will be non-zero in each case, and hence taken to be true,
so all three results are taken.
Almost but not quite. When the predicate is an integer, as it is in this case, it is compared with the value of position(). The result is true in each case not because the integer is non-zero, but because it is equal to the value of position().

The mistake (and it's a common one) is in forgetting that position() inside the predicate is not the same thing as position() outside the predicate.

Michael Kay

I don't know what you were expecting so I'm not sure why this is weird.


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