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[xsl] RE: fo:multi-switch or alternative

Subject: [xsl] RE: fo:multi-switch or alternative
From: "Kevin Brown" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 12:42:12 -0700


Not sure what you are trying to accomplish -- again, there are many ways to
skin that cat.

It sure sounds like an application of "insert this advertisement here if
there is space, otherwise insert it there" .. i.e. what could be transpromo

Here's an old write-up on doing just that, it could easily be adopted to do
what you wish as this is merely a simple example of using images. In more
complex actual implementations, we actually "programmatically measure"
whitespace left on pages based on composition results and use that
information to run another copy of RenderX to make a personalized
advertisement from the same input XML file, injecting that advertisement
perfectly into the existing whitespace on pages.


Scroll down to the technical solution about half way down.

Kevin Brown

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