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Re: [xsl] XSLT 2.0 compability issue occured in topicmerge.XSL in DITA OT1.5.1.

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSLT 2.0 compability issue occured in topicmerge.XSL in DITA OT1.5.1.
From: team wise <dfanster@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:54:16 +0800

Hi Michael,
Further to my last message, to clarify, we apply Ant script when
invoking a transform.
For example:

  <target name="semc.dita.topic.fo" description="Build SEMC XSL-FO
output from dita topic ( PDF Template)">
   <echo>Run semc.dita.topic.fo</echo>
    <condition property="args.xsl"
        <isset property="args.xsl"/>
    <!-- Shell transformation -->
    <xslt processor="trax"
      <factory name="net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl"/>
      <param name="WORKDIR" expression="${dita.input.dirname}"/>
    <!-- Main transformation -->
    <xslt processor="trax"
      <factory name="net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl"/>
      <param name="output-related-links"
      <param name="DITAEXT" expression="${dita.ext}" if="dita.ext"/>
      <param name="DRAFT" expression="${args.draft}" if="args.draft"/>
      <param name="ARTLBL" expression="${args.artlbl}" if="args.artlbl"/>
      <param name="dflt-ext" expression="${fo.img.ext}" if="fo.img.ext"/>
      <param name="WORKDIR" expression="${dita.input.dirname}"/>
    <!-- PSMI transformation -->
    <xslt processor="trax"
      <factory name="net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl"/>
      <param name="WORKDIR"  expression="${dita.input.dirname}"/>
    <replace dir="${dita.map.output.dir}" token="b"" value="b"b"
encoding="utf-8" includes="*.fo"/>

my question once again, how to apply that -T option to above?

thank you in advance,
2012/9/25, team wise <dfanster@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Michael,
> thank you for your response.
> When i replied to it, my message was bounced back afterwards. My
> question is how to apply -T option. Could you please give me a pointer
> as a reference?
> You are absolutely right it is effectively an interoperability issue
> with XSLT2.0.
> Kind regards,
> 2012/9/24, Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Have you checked whether this is fixed in a later DITA release? You're
>> using quite an old one.
>> If it reproduces with the latest DITA stylesheets, then it might be
>> useful to post sufficient information so that other people can reproduce
>> the problem and perhaps diagnose the bug.
>> With Saxon, the best way of diagnosing the bug is to run with the -T
>> option. This produces very voluminous trace output, of which the
>> interesting part is the last few instructions executed before the
>> failure occurred.
>> Note that it's not entirely accurate to describe this as an XSLT 2.0
>> compatibility issue; it's more of a 1.0 interoperability issue that was
>> fixed in 2.0. Writing an attribute after writing children of an element
>> was an error in XSLT 1.0: "implementations may either signal the error
>> or ignore the attribute", so the stylesheet would fail with some XSLT
>> 1.0 processors and "succeed" with others. What has changed in 2.0 is
>> that all processors are required to behave in the same way (by reporting
>> the error).
>> Michael Kay
>> Saxonica

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