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Re: Fwd: [xsl] curly braces

Subject: Re: Fwd: [xsl] curly braces
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 10:03:14 +0100

On 20/09/2012 01:27, Ihe Onwuka wrote:
You may wish to try the code I sent you on saxonhe-

I predict (don't know for sure because you are running a cut down
version of the code) the following

; SystemID: ; Line#: 10; Column#: -1
net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Failed to load document
         at net.sf.saxon.expr.Expression.dynamicError(Expression.java:961)

where Line 10 is

<xsl:variable name="this" as="node()" select="doc('')"/>

If doc('') fails then it's almost certainly because you compiled the stylesheet without supplying a base URI: for example you supplied it as a StreamSource or DOMSource with no SystemID. It could also happen because your base URI changes within the stylesheet module, for example as a result of using external entities or using xml:base.

Michael Kay

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