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Re: [xsl] XPath shorthand

Subject: Re: [xsl] XPath shorthand
From: Michael Müller-Hillebrand <mmh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 15:54:41 +0200

Am 22.08.2012 um 15:22 schrieb Ihe Onwuka <ihe.onwuka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>> following-sibling::*[local-name() = $names]
> Yes I didn't think of this but there are two things.
> This won't work in a template match on XSLT 1.0 and it is hiding
> multiple comparisons under the innocent looking equality general
> comparison which may bite on large volumes.

Well, that the "innocent looking equality comparison" has the meaning of
"exists in" in XSLT 2 and is IMO one of the first things you have to learn
when switching from XSLT 1.0. Whoever takes 2.0 serious b compared to just
changing the version attribute of the xsl:stylesheet b will know about

Also, I believe that any decent XSL processor will create a hash on $names and
therefore deliver about the same performance compared to xsl:key.

- Michael MH

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