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Re: [xsl] how to workaround restriction of overloading functions

Subject: Re: [xsl] how to workaround restriction of overloading functions
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 16:19:18 +0100

On 17/07/2012 16:16, Michael Kay wrote:

This is what xsl:apply-templates is for.

<xsl:function name="znapz:getURI" as="xs:anyURI">
  <xsl:param name="element" as="element()"/>
  <xsl:apply-templates select="$element" mode="getURI"/>

<xsl:template match="maximo:SCRIPTLAUNCHPOINT" as="xs:anyURI" mode="getURI">
select="{concat($destinationFolder, '/'SCRIPTLAUNCHPOINT/', ./maximo:AUTOSCRIPT, '.xml')}"/>

My fingers let me down at this point: the next "xsl:function" should of course be xsl:template.
<xsl:function match="maximo:SECURITYRESTRICT" as="xs:anyURI" mode="getURI">
select="{concat($destinationFolder, '/SECURITYRESTRICT/', ./maximo:APP, '.xml')}"/>


Michael Kay

On 17/07/2012 16:01, Robby Pelssers wrote:
Hi all,

I figured out the hard way that you can't overload functions in xslt. In Java this would typically be no problem as the parameter signature is different. The only option that comes to mind is to autogenerate 1 crazy big function which does typechecking on the parameter in a choose construction and returns elemenet. Just double checking if there is a better way.

Thx in advance,

<xsl:function name="znapz:getURI" as="xs:anyURI">
<xsl:param name="element" as="element(maximo:SCRIPTLAUNCHPOINT)"/>
select="{concat($destinationFolder, '/'SCRIPTLAUNCHPOINT/', $element/maximo:AUTOSCRIPT, '.xml')}"/>

<xsl:function name="znapz:getURI" as="xs:anyURI">
<xsl:param name="element" as="element(maximo:SECURITYRESTRICT)"/>
select="{concat($destinationFolder, '/SECURITYRESTRICT/', $element/maximo:APP, '.xml')}"/>

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