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Re: [xsl] New XSLT 3.0 Working Draft

Subject: Re: [xsl] New XSLT 3.0 Working Draft
From: Ihe Onwuka <ihe.onwuka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 00:45:47 +0100

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 6:20 PM, Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> - Maps -
> A new data type, similar to the dictionaries or associative arrays in other
> languages. The keys in the map can be any atomic value; the associated value
> can be any value whatsoever. A particular motivation for maps was that with
> streaming, you only get to see each thing in a document once, so you need to
> remember what you've seen for use later (for example, in an accumulator); so
> you need a richer data structure for holding this data. Maps also provide a
> useful mechanism for importing/exporting data to/from JSON format (for which
> there are new functions).

Might it not be a tad confusing to call them Maps given the support
for higher order functions.

> - Higher-order functions -
> More an XPath feature than an XSLT one, functions are now first-class values
> and can be passed as parameters to functions, returned by functions, held in
> maps, etc etc.

Given the way unsupplied parameters are currently treated will we have
 partial evaluation ?

Will we have closures? Will tunneled variables form part of the environment?

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