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Re: [xsl] XSL-FO: Drawing a line around every page

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSL-FO: Drawing a line around every page
From: "Betty Harvey" <harvey@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 08:50:12 -0400 (EDT)

Put a border on your fo:region-body.

Below works for RenderX.

 <fo:region-body display-align="center"
            border="thin double black"/>

For fop you will need to specify the border parameters individually, i.e.,
border-right, border-left, etc.

Good luck!


>    Hi,
>   In XSL-FO, I'd like to add a border around all the pages (the whole
> pages).  That is, give the following simple page master:
>     <fo:simple-page-master master-name="portrait"
>         margin-top="25mm"   margin-bottom="25mm"
>         margin-left="25mm"  margin-right="25mm"
>         page-height="297mm" page-width="210mm">
>        <fo:region-body/>
>     </fo:simple-page-master>
> then I'd like a line to be drawn on each page at 25mm from the page
> limit (on all top, right, bottom and left sides, that is to draw a
> rectangle).  I don't have any header nor footer.
>   I tried to use a block container in the flow, but this has 2 main
> drawbacks: 1) if the flow lasts on more than one page, the bottom and
> top lines between 2 adjacent pages are not drawn, and 2) if the flow
> ends before the very bottom of the last page, then the bottom line is
> not drawn at 25mm from the bottom of the page, but before, where the
> flow ends.
>   Is there any standard XSL-FO way of drawing a line around every page
> in a document?
>   Regards,
> --
> Florent Georges
> http://fgeorges.org/
> http://h2oconsulting.be/

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