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Re: [xsl] Mixed content, separation

Subject: Re: [xsl] Mixed content, separation
From: davep@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:43:22 -0000

> On 29/02/2012 09:17, davep@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Seemed uncessarily complex, b
> If you are just doing the complication because you want to generate
> valid xhtml, a simpler solution (that I've switched to mostly) is just
> use div instead of p. div is essentially
> p-with-fixed-content-model-and-a-bit-less-default-css  so in particular
> it allows nested lists, but if you want a blank line above paragraphs,
> then you need to give it some top margin with css.
> David

No David, it's part of a chain, 2300 + files so it's worth spending
time to get it right.

regards DaveP

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