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[xsl] What is Good XML? How Can We Tell?

Subject: [xsl] What is Good XML? How Can We Tell?
From: Tommie Usdin <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:29:29 -0500

International Symposium on
Quality Assurance and Quality Control in XML

Monday August 6, 2012
Hotel Europa, Montrial, Canada

A one-day discussion of issues relating to Quality Control and Quality
Assurance in the XML environment.

XML systems and software are complex and constantly changing. XML documents
are highly varied, may be large or small, and often have complex life-cycles.
In this challenging environment quality is difficult to define, measure, or
control, yet the justifications for using XML often include promises or
implications relating to quality.

We invite papers on all aspects of quality with respect to XML systems,
including but not limited to:

	 Defining, measuring, testing, improving, and documenting quality
	 Quality in documents, document models, software, transformations, or
	 Case studies in the control of quality in an XML environment
	 Theoretical or practical approaches to measuring quality in XML
	 Does the presence of XML, XML schemas, and XML tools make quality checking
easier, harder, or even different from other computing environments
	 Should XML transforms and schemas be QAed as software? Or configuration
files? Or documents? Does it matter?

Paper submissions due April 20, 2012.

Details at: http://www.balisage.net/QA-QC/

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2012          mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
August 7-10, 2012                               http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium on August 6, 2012

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