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Re: [xsl] XHTML to XHTML transform

Subject: Re: [xsl] XHTML to XHTML transform
From: "Jeffrey Moss" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 13:02:25 -0700

> Hi,
> Well, there are a number of possible approaches:
> - keep the general matching template as is, and add an empty template in
> which you specify which nodes are to be left alone:
> <xsl:template match="name | id | short-description | ..." />
> (I think this is your best shot if all of the source XML is in the same
> namespace, so the elements that are not to be processed have to be
> on an individual basis to be able to distinguish them from those you do
> processed.)
> - make sure the elements you *do* want templates to be applied to are
> already in the XHTML namespace in the source XML, and make the general
> template match pattern :
> <xsl:template match="*[namespace-uri()='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml']">
> Hope this helps!

Well now you bring up some great points, what if I name my <box> element
<mynamespace:box> ???
Does that make things easier?

The solution I came up with is to use parameters wherever possible, since I
wont need the empty template solution for that (although the option is
available if I ever want to use text nodes...).
but using the match *[namesapce-uri()='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml'] it
looks like I could only apply the copy template to elements not in the
"mynamespace:" namespace... is that right?


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