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[xsl] multiple or statements in xsl:when

Subject: [xsl] multiple or statements in xsl:when
From: Daniel Purucker <dpu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 18:37:30 +0200

how can i get multiple or-statements inside an <xsl:when> working?
The FAQ gives an example for two or's and that works fine.

<xsl:if test="@name='John' or @name='Joe'">

But using the following code doesn't work. I'd like to test if the element is named "void", if it has an attribute called property and if it has, whether the property has the value container or assetscontainer, and so on...

<xsl:when test="name(.)='void' and @property !='' and @property !=
'container' or
@property != 'container' or
@property != 'assetscontainer' or
@property != 'incomecontainer' or
@property != 'value' or
@property != 'variable' "

Any ideas why my code doesn't work? Thanx in advance,
Daniel Purucker

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