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RE: [xsl] exclude-result-prefixes problem

Subject: RE: [xsl] exclude-result-prefixes problem
From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:16:56 -0000

> As you can see, it declares the namespace "date" and then 
> instructs the processor to exclude it in the output. At least 
> that's what I think it does. Nonetheless the namespace 
> declaration (and a second on that I have no clue as to where 
> it originates) appears in each element that is placed into 
> the output via <xsl:copy-of>.

The exclude-result-prefixes option only affects namespaces added to the
result tree from the stylesheet by processing a literal result element.
It doesn't affect namespaces copied from the source document using

If you don't want the result tree to be an exact copy of the source
(namespaces and all) then you can't use xsl:copy-of, you have to do an
apply-templates walk of the tree changing nodes as you go.

Michael Kay

> Here is an example of one element from the output:
> <pmml:name xmlns:date="http://exslt.org/dates-and-times" 
> xmlns:func="http://exslt.org/functions">Task 1</pmml:name>
> As you can see both the "date" and "func" namespace 
> declarations are added. I didn't declare the "func" namespace 
> in my stylesheet and it isn't declared in the included (via 
> <xsl:include>) stylesheet, nor does the included stylesheet 
> include a third stylesheet that might be the source of "func".
> What am I missing?
> -- 
> Charles Knell
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