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RE: [xsl] Possible Off-topic - edit html through a form back in to xml

Subject: RE: [xsl] Possible Off-topic - edit html through a form back in to xml
From: "Brook Ellingwood" <brook@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 14:34:41 -0800

Yes, it's off-topic.

I started to work on this a couple of months ago as a useful learning
project in both ASP and PHP. I haven't got a final project, but the
theory is simple -- all you are doing is taking an HTML form submission
and writing it to a file. So you write an XSL file that generates the
HTML form with the elements to be edited pre-loaded into text fields.
The user makes the edits and submits to a test file that is then
rendered as HTML as a validation/formedness check. If it's correct, they
submit again and overwrite the original file. You can add bells and
whistles as appropriate. 

-- Brook

-----Original Message-----
hello all,
I done quite a bit of searching and really can't find anything that
solves this problem. I have an xml that holds html elements that I use
for display. Our client wants the ability to edit those elements online!
This is where I haven't been able to find the full solution. Is there a
way to edit parts of a xml document through your basic form and have
those changes go back to your original xml?

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