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Antwort: [xsl] real XSLT performance

Subject: Antwort: [xsl] real XSLT performance
From: manfred.weigel@xxxxxx
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:09:03 +0100

Hi Stuart,

The default xslt engine is a quiet old xalan version. When you ask for the
vendor (as Michael suggested)
you will get Lotus Group Foundation.

This xslt processor is very slow!

Are you running your templates in a web container?
There are some tricky ways to tell websphere it should use another xslt
Its easy to configure in WSAD but not that easy in your production

Which OS are you running (e.g. WAS on hostsystems is very different to the
AIX version)
Are you using the WAS 5.1 EE?


stuart_zakon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@... am 27.01.2004 21:01:55

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Thema:   [xsl] real XSLT performance

I am using JAXP Templates for performance and getting excellent results
under the Resin servlet engine. It is highly scalable with my stress tests
going from 5 to 100 concurrent threads with several steps in between.

However, when I move the test over to WebSphere 5.1 and WSAD 5.1, it
scale well beyond 5-10 concurrent threads. Which XSLT engine does WAS 5.1
use? Does anybody know of a high-performance XSLT engine for WebSphere?

S. Zakon

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