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RE: [xsl] Which commands to use: xsl:if, xsl:when, xsl:choose, xsl:otherwise ??

Subject: RE: [xsl] Which commands to use: xsl:if, xsl:when, xsl:choose, xsl:otherwise ??
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 14:21:52 -0500

xsl:choose and xsl:if allow you to change the execution of the stylesheet depending on the outcome of the "test". You need to supply a value to test and something to test it against.

The value to test could be the value of some node in the source file, or in a file included with the document() function, or a parameter passed to the stylesheet from the execution environment.

You haven't said how the transformation is being accomplished. Is it done on the web server or on the web browser? Knowing the answer to this would get us closer to a solution. For example, if the transformation is being done on the server, a value from the query string could be passed as a parameter. Interpreting that value with xsl:choose could lead to selection of different subsets of the document using an XPath expression determined in the xsl:choose.

If you have embedded a reference to a stylesheet in the XML document and you are depending on the browser to respond to user interface events, then you have to take another approach.
Charles Knell
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From:     Bill Walker <williamewalker@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject:  [xsl] Which commands to use:  xsl:if, xsl:when, xsl:choose, xsl:otherwise ??


I have learned just enough XML and XSLT to think I
understand what I am doing. 

However, when I am faced with something that takes
more logic and real understanding of such things as:





I find I really dont understand how to use them or
what is going on with the XSLT and the processing

Here is my problem.

I am a librarian and am working on redesigning our
Librarys website. Our plan is to group a lot of
information into 30 Subject Categories on the right
side of our opening screen


So far so good.

Underlying this idea, our committee decided to make
every single link on each subject and sub-category
page a separate XML file.  For example, they all start
as Dublin Core and look like this:


Little by little we are beginning to do this. So each
Subject Opening page will look like this example:


This page was generated from:



For any page one level in we have a more simple page
that looks like this:


This is generated from a different XSL file and XML



This all works pretty well and I COULD just go on and
create an XML and an XSL file for each page

But I began thinking, "There must be a way using
xsl:if or xsl:when or xsl:choose or xsl:otherwise to
make it so I could have ONE and one only XSL file for
the whole site.

So I simplified an XML file to include what needs to
be (or not be) on all pages which would look like

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 


filename="bureau-labor-stats.xml" /> 

The idea is that no matter whether I was generating an
opening Subject screen or a page further in, all the
info. I need should be in this XML file.

What I cannot figure out is how to make XSL look at
this XML file and process it sequentially

If it is an opening page, it will crank out the
Categories, Databases and the Weblinks lists 

If it is one page further in, it would have only
web-links.  It would look the example below and,
finding no Categories And no Databases, it would just
list the Websites...

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
                <category /> 

                <database-link /> 

filename="bureau-labor-stats.xml" /> 

Can someone please help me understand how to do this

I have tried many ways, but it is clear that I still
dont truly understand which commands are appropriate
and how to incorporate them into the XSL

I really appreciate the expertise available on this
list and heartily thank anyone who has been kind
enough to read this far and give my little task some

Thanking you all in advance

--Bill Walker  
  Reference Dept.
  Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library


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