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RE: [xsl] non-breaking spaces in html tables

Subject: RE: [xsl] non-breaking spaces in html tables
From: "Josh Canfield" <Josh.Canfield@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:03:02 -0800

Check your output encoding. It sounds like you are outputting UTF-8, but your browser is interpreting it as a single byte encoding (ISO-8859-1 perhaps?)

The character &#A0; becomes the two bytes 0xC2A0 when encoded in UTF-8 and is left as a single byte, 0xA0, in ISO-8859-1.

When your browser reads the UTF-8 data as Windows Western character set (ISO-8859-1) it sees two characters, the  that is the 0xC2 character, and the no-break space, 0xA0.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [xsl] non-breaking spaces in html tables

I am using XSL to create a table in HTML. I need the cells to have borders
even when nothing is in them. 
In the past I did this by adding non-breaking spaces with "&#160;", for

<td><a href="{$ConnectedTableName}.htm"><xsl:value-of

This was working fine in August, but now instead of a non-breaking space I
get an A with a little curly thing on top of it.

So I switched to:

<td><a href="{$ConnectedTableName}.htm"><xsl:value-of

This works fine when I test it in XML Spy, but still produces the strange
character when I run it in our product using MSXML4.

Has something changed in the recent versions of MSXML4 that is screwing me
up, or am I using outmoded code?

Walter Crockett

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