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RE: [xsl] exsl:node-set in xalan

Subject: RE: [xsl] exsl:node-set in xalan
From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 11:36:52 -0000

I haven't had a chance to analyze this yet (and I may not be able to
this week), but one quick point is that wherever the Saxon performance
problem is, it's not actually in exsl:node-set(). That's because all
that exsl:node-set() does is to flip a bit saying that the tree can be
used as a normal document.

The problem (or opportunity for improvement!) is much more likely to be
in optimization of copying operations on trees.

An observation, on line 65 of incelim.xsl

	<xsl:copy-of select="exsl:node-set($rng)"/>

there is no need for a call on exsl:node-set() here. You can copy an RTF

Michael Kay 

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> > Not sure this helps, but I get 12 sec for the shell script & only
> > 3.5 with the stylesheet using 3 rinses on xhtml.rng. This is 
> > with Saxon 6.5.3 on RedHat with a 2.4GHz proc. Sounds like it 
> > might still be something environmental rather than Saxon. 
> > 
> I've been able to reproduce the result for xhtml with JDK 
> 1.4.1/HotSpot (the
> original results where with 1.3.1_08/OpenJIT, which launches 
> faster and runs
> slower), but it does not change the trend. While the 
> relatively small xhtml
> (which is a toy for the application) is faster, the larger 
> TEI or DocBook are
> still much slower. With JDK 1.4.1/HotSpot, the stylesheet version is 
>     3 times faster than the script version for Xhmtl, 80Kb, 
> but 2.5 times slower with DocBook, which is 900Kb.
> In practice, stylesheets can be larger than DocBook in the 
> example (docbook
> with MathML and SVG, for example). But whether a stylesheet 
> is large or small,
> why the dependency is so steep in both SAXON and jd.xslt?
> This behaviour is also exhibited by jd.xslt, but not by Xalan. 
> Xalan consistenly runs the stylesheet version faster on any 
> data with exsl
> stylesheet than with the script.
> David Tolpin
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