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Re: [xsl] why exsl:node-set() is so slow

Subject: Re: [xsl] why exsl:node-set() is so slow
From: David Tolpin <dvd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 01:26:50 +0400 (AMT)

> I'm certainly a little surprised by this result. The transformations are
> fairly simple, so I guess that if it's taking 150 seconds then the data
> files must be quite large, which is presumably why they are not
> included? I expect it boils down to a memory issue: temporary trees,
> with most implementations, are going to be held in memory, while final
> result trees are not.

More testing results:

with 3 rinses (rinses=3 for XSLT glue, -3 for bash script), it takes 

- roughly the same time for xhtml, which about 80kb long). 
- 7 (seven) times longer with exsl than with four invocations of the processor
  with docbook stylesheets, which are about 900kb, that is roughly twice as big
  as tei stylesheets used for the original processing (that was about 3 times longer)

jd.xslt shows very similar behavior.

I have tested it on two different computers (Linux and FreeBSD), with different
versions of JDK and different JIT compilers. 

Memory requirements are quite modest, the heap size does not exceed 32M, and no
sensible swapping happens. I have some experience in debugging Java programs,
and I would not attribute it to memory shortage.

For completeness, I've posted an archive with test files  to the server,

David Tolpin

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