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RE: [xsl] Re: Useful open-source XML/XSLT editor

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: Useful open-source XML/XSLT editor
From: "Joshua Allen" <joshuaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:03:33 -0800

Does anyone use this on Windows?  I have tried a few times to use jEdit
on Windows using Sun's VM and had screen refresh problems.  I know it's
a bit offtopic, but maybe someone knows the quick answer.

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> Subject: [xsl] Re: Useful open-source XML/XSLT editor
> I, too, use jEdit for all my XML/XSL needs (except schema building,
> for which XMLSpy is fantastic) and love it. Syntax highlighting, code
> colouring, auto-completion, you name it, jEdit has it. For free.
> It may have lots of configurable settings, but if you only change
> what makes sense to you and accept the default values for the rest,
> you're very unlikely to go wrong.
> Cheers,
> Erik
> On 14 Jan 2004 at 13:40, David Mitchell wrote:
> > > FWIW, I've found Treebeard ( http://treebeard.sourceforge.net/ ) a
> very
> > > useful tool, easy to install and start using. So far I've also
> some
> > > use of Cooktop ( http://www.xmlcooktop.com/ ) though I'd prefer to
> > > an open source editor. If anyone has one they find as useful,
> > > post (I've checked Sourceforge, list archives, usenet...).
> >
> > I use jEdit with the XML and XSLT plug-ins. jEdit is a text editor
> > written in Java and released under the GPL. The XSLT plug-in
includes a
> an
> > XPath tool for ad-hoc queries and provices a GUI to Xalan
> The
> > online help is good (even for most plug-ins) and you can see the
> > for that as well (it is in DocBook XML).
> >
> > It is very configurable, maybe too much so for casual users. I've
> > used TreeBeard and Cooktop at different times.
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