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[xsl] XFORMS -> HTML

Subject: [xsl] XFORMS -> HTML
From: "gary cor" <stuff4gary@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 07:15:17 +0000


I wondering if anyone is processing xforms into html with xslt or even more importantly I suppose if anyone knows of any problems making it very difficult to do this?

I was thinking that I could write a subset of XFORMS into my XML DTD for articles to describe form information displayed within them and then transform this into HTML forms on the page on the web pages. I looked at Docbook and the ISO Article DTD but they did not appear to implement any forms which leaves me a bit blank for ideas has anyone else also thought about process some of XFORMS with XSL any pointer? tips? any xml DTD that implement partial xforms for this transformation? anything related that might be useful?



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