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Re: [xsl] sorting date prob

Subject: Re: [xsl] sorting date prob
From: Jarkko.Moilanen@xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:50:42 +0300 (EEST)


> You want to sort the results descending for days but ascending for time?
> Really strange, but that's your problem ;-)

What seems to be so strange about that? 
Think about this situation.
There is xml file which contains numerous sets of objects:
    <Sender>Moilanen Jarkko</Sender>
    <Subject id="0000000001">Xalan</Subject>
    <Subject2>Xsl- muutokset</Subject2>
    <Topic>Include hommat ei pelaa</Topic>

To represent them in order where objects are being sorted so that 
the latest object is the first one. Then the days when has arrived
several documents (Elements, <information>). To sort them as 
the latest document is the last one and the first arrived is the 
first one in the output. This enables locigal way to represent
messages by days. If U want to see it your self:

In our case this makes more sense, don't
know about U =) 

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