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RE: Business logic (was: Re: [xsl] Efficiency Issues)

Subject: RE: Business logic (was: Re: [xsl] Efficiency Issues)
From: "Michael Kay" <michael.h.kay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:27:55 +0100

> Nobody has a precise but universal definition of the term
> "business logic". One man's busines is someone else's
> presentation.

You are right.

> Business logic is transactions, dealing with database access,
> doing complicated calculations, drawing charts, perform spell
> checking.

You are wrong. Drawing charts is (my) presentation. "Dealing with database
access" is not business logic either. Spell-checking is a grey area, or
perhaps a gray one, depending on the business and/or presentation rules.

> If it's easy to do in XSLT, it is often presentation.
> If it seems to be hard or impossible in XSLT, in particular if
> you feel the need to store calculated trees in variables and
> run templates on them again, or if you have lots of xsl:if
> and xsl:choose, or lots of recursive templates, it is probably
> business logic.

I'm not convinced. I've seen XSLT used to do tax and interest rate
calculations. That's definitely (my) business logic.

Actually, I think the vast majority of applications contain no business
logic, they are purely concerned with presentation and data storage.

Michael Kay
Software AG
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