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Re: Python & XML

Subject: Re: Python & XML
From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 16 Apr 1999 10:38:53 +0200

* Matthew MacKenzie
| This describes my reaction to Perl.  I started using it for CGI
| scripts, and it wasn't long before I was writing scripts to run just
| about everything on my linux box. 

This was my initial reaction to Perl as well, but pretty soon I got
fed up with all the myriad rules and irritating special cases. When
scripting I want a language that just stays out of my way and does
what it's told. So, I switched to Python and never looked back.

* Lars Marius Garshol
| It's become a Swiss army knife with serious extensions for me. I've
| written POP clients and servers for various specialized uses, CGI
| scripts, web publishing scripts, link checkers, DBF file readers and
| much much more in it. In fact, almost all the parts of my personal
| infrastructure that I've built myself are built with Python.
* Matthew MacKenzie
| The same is insanely easy in perl.  There are modules like Net::SMTP,POP,
| [Gnus ate the rest of that line, sorry]

It's easy in Perl too, and there are even more modules available for
Perl, but they're not as easy to use.
(To all those who don't participate in this thread: let me know
privately if you're fed up with all this non-XSL stuff. I'll try to
limit myself a bit as well.)

--Lars M.

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