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Re: Problem in referencing DHTML 'document' object within

Subject: Re: Problem in referencing DHTML 'document' object within <xsl:script>
From: Duane Nickull <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 16:06:58 -0700

>From Duane Nickull:

The correct syntax for including a script in XSL is written below, with
accompanying notes which I would encourage everone to read.

For anyone wanting to look at a script embedded within an XSL document, 
you can view one I wrote at 



> Have you tried to comment out the script part of your XSl file (see below)?
> <xsl:script language="JScript">
> <xsl:comment>
> ----Your script code --------
> </xsl:cmment>
> </xsl:scrip>

I would use this instead:

---your script goes here----


<xsl:script> is a Miscrosoft proprietary tag and is not actually part of
the XSL rec at w3.org.  I use <script> in my xsl documents as a
substitute based on it probably being more compatible with other XML
browsers in the future(specifically NN 5.0)

By default, the language for the <script> tag is javascript and you're
right - I should probably get in the habit of using it myself but hey -
I'm just another lazy Canadian ;-p

CDATA will be parsed by the browser as opposed to not declaring CDATA in
which case the default for MSIE 5.0 will be PCDATA and *may* not be
parsed.  One MSIE 5.,0 beta I had did parse it, another didn't.  Who

Duane Nickull

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