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Re: Using apply templates vs using value-of select /for-each

Subject: Re: Using apply templates vs using value-of select /for-each
From: Matthew MacKenzie <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 19:52:46 -0300

  As an XSL newbie, I have learned the hard way that you cannot nest
xsl:for-each within xsl:template, which works opposite to what I am used
to having come to XMl with a perl perspective.
  xsl:foreach is great if you just need to display a lot of static
records with not a whole lot of complex operations being done (ie:
something like a corporate phone database).
  The xsl:apply-templates aproach that you are seeing allows you to
perform more intense operations on the xml.  I am sure I will not have
to describe what I mean here too much...just take an afternoon and play
with making links and stuff like that display in a manner which is not
trivial, you will soon understand what I mean.
  I started working with this stuff about a week ago, and I have been
concerned only with the IE5 side of it all, although I did play with XT
for a few minutes.  You are welcome to the xsl,xml that I have been
playing with if you want to understand what I mean, just let me know.
Matthew MacKenzie

Douglas Nehring wrote:
> Yet another question...
> Looking at all the examples of XSL I have found/received, I've noticed that
> some people use "xsl:value-of select" and/or "xsl:for-each select" while
> others use "apply templates".  I tried a couple of simple examples myself
> and was able to achieve the same results using both methods.
> Is any one way "better" than the another (i.e. better supported by parsers,
> etc)?  Can you do some things with one that you can't do with the other?
> Are there any examples of this?
> If this has been covered in a previous thread, please let me know and I'll
> check the archives for it again.
> Regards,
> Doug Nehring
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