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Problems with IE 5.0 and examples in the XSL spec

Subject: Problems with IE 5.0 and examples in the XSL spec
From: Thomas Weholt <u970130@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 20:08:08


I`m trying to learn more advanced xsl by using some of the examples in the
xsl-spec, but almost nothing works. I`m trying to sort elements, process
elements according to content of their attributes etc. Are these things
supported in IE 5.0 at all?

What I`m looking for is something like this :

Ex 1.

A XML-document like this :


with an output like this :

<b>Torvalds, Linus</b>

Ex 2.

A XML-document like this :

	<programmer os="Linux">
	<programmer os="Microsoft">

and a stylesheet that only shows programmers that work in Linux,
perhaps something like this :

Programmers working on "Linux" :
Linus Torvalds


It seems as if the {@attribute}- and {element}-part is also buggy. The
specs say I can do something like 

	<desc>A cute little penguin.</desc>

and use a template like this

<xsl:template match="photograph">
<img src="{image}" alt="{desc}">	

to produce this :

<img src="penguin.jpg" alt="A cute little penguin.">

but nothing works in IE 5.0

I`m using the final release of IE.


   Thomas Weholt

        eMail : u970130@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
         Phone : +47 - 92 09 59 68

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