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RE: Why Doesn't IE5 use the DTD to Validate?

Subject: RE: Why Doesn't IE5 use the DTD to Validate?
From: "Sall, Ken" <ksall@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 21:10:46 -0400

 Chris Lilley wrote:

> However, I checked their site and it does not claim that IE5 is a
> validating parser, that I can see, so no false claims have 
> beem made and
> the only confusion is with folks who were using the beta (*which is
> still a large poulation, of course).

Hi, Chris,

Here are all the specific claims I have found. Kinda tells a confusing

"The IE5 XML parser is a validating parser, with two properties 
set through DOM extensions to control DTD handling..."
	Jonathan Marsh on this XSL thread


"High-performance, validating XML engine"

"When directly browsing XML documents, Internet Explorer 5 
loads the specified Document Type Definition (DTD) or 
XML Schema, but does not report validation errors."

[OK, I missed the BIG one. But then again, what's it doing in an
_XSL_ tutorial, rather than boldly on the _XML_ tutorial?]


"Microsoft Delivers Industry's First XML-Compliant Browser" 
"...Internet Explorer 5 is the only shipping browser with complete 
support for XML 1.0."


-Ken Sall, WDVL

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