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Re: Outdated XSL, What are my options?

Subject: Re: Outdated XSL, What are my options?
From: Rick Geimer <rick.geimer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:07:51 -0800

I would check out the following URL:


If the link changes for some reason, the title of the Extreme XML article is "My
XML, Your Browser".

It describes using the IE5 XML libraries on the server with ASP code to detect
if the requesting browser support XML. If it does, it ships XML with an XSL
stylesheet. Otherwise it runs the XSL process on the server side and ships
generated HTML to the browser. Pretty cool stuff.

Rick Geimer
National Semiconductor

"Koh, Justin (Intern)" wrote:

> I have been using the MSXSL object
> CLASSID="CLSID:2BD0D2F2-52EC-11D1-8C69-0E16BC000000"
> or using msxsl.cab to generate html file from my existing XML and XSL
> document. However, I recently just found out that the Active X object is out
> of date. Now I have a XML file with an outdated XSL file which complies to
> the early version of XSL protocol submitted in August 1997.
> My program requires the user to go through a query form on the web. Upon
> submission of the query, the ASP will start retrieving the necessary
> information from the server which is in XML format. How could I still
> maintain the program in web base and convert the XML and XSL together to
> form the HTML for display on the internet?
> Can I still continue to use the Active X Object? If not what are the ways I
> could do it. I am currently still using IE4 and my company will not move
> into IE5 util  a year or more later. What are my options available?
> I know that I would have to re-write my XSL code. But after I am done with
> that, what are the steps to take generate the html file through internet?
> I heard about using DOM from the MS sitebuilder website.
> Please advice.
> Justin Koh
> Software Delivery and Integration Excellence Program (SDIE)
> Weyerhaeuser PC2-234
> (253) 924-4563
> kohj@xxxxxxxx
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