Does the new version apply to IE4( that is what I am currently using)?
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> At 10:11 AM 3/16/99 -0800, Koh, Justin (Intern) wrote:
> >I am not proficient with using template. In fact, I am using MSXSL to
> >convert the xml to html.
> >Is there an equivalent way to translate 	
> >
> >> Filename: <a href="{filename}"><xsl:value-of select="filename"/></a>
> >> 
> >Is the <xsl:value-f select /> the same as <select-elements> tag?
> >
> >Does MSXSL recognize templates?
> Aha. I bet you're using the old MSXSL (version 1.8-something, I seem to
> recall), aren't you? That version of the XSL processor implemented the
> original (now defunct) XSL *proposal*. The current version, included with
> MSIE5, is based on the current XSL *working draft*, which is significantly
> different from the proposal. For one thing, there's no <select-elements>
> tag.
> If you are indeed using the old MSXSL, you've got two choices, roughly
> equally unpalatable: Either stick with it, and find your horizons growing
> ever narrower as fewer and fewer people (including MS themselves) can help
> you with it; or gulp, swallow hard, and start to plow through the current
> XSL working draft to learn its syntax. Although the dust hasn't quite
> settled even on it, yet, it's possible to find tutorials on-line
> (including
> at the Microsoft site) that will help you quite a bit.
> The current XSL WD is at:
> Norman Walsh has an article originally in the January WebTechniques,
> reprinted at, that's a more or less gentle introduction to the
> "new" XSL (although the article is based on the first working draft):
> (I prefer the reprint to the original in WebTechniques, because
> the
> sample code is available in-line in the former but only in separate
> windows
> in the latter -- much harder to print. :)
> Good luck!
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