At 10:11 AM 3/16/99 -0800, Koh, Justin (Intern) wrote:
>I am not proficient with using template. In fact, I am using MSXSL to
>convert the xml to html.
>Is there an equivalent way to translate 	
>> Filename: <a href="{filename}"><xsl:value-of select="filename"/></a>
>Is the <xsl:value-f select /> the same as <select-elements> tag?
>Does MSXSL recognize templates?

Aha. I bet you're using the old MSXSL (version 1.8-something, I seem to
recall), aren't you? That version of the XSL processor implemented the
original (now defunct) XSL *proposal*. The current version, included with
MSIE5, is based on the current XSL *working draft*, which is significantly
different from the proposal. For one thing, there's no <select-elements> tag.

If you are indeed using the old MSXSL, you've got two choices, roughly
equally unpalatable: Either stick with it, and find your horizons growing
ever narrower as fewer and fewer people (including MS themselves) can help
you with it; or gulp, swallow hard, and start to plow through the current
XSL working draft to learn its syntax. Although the dust hasn't quite
settled even on it, yet, it's possible to find tutorials on-line (including
at the Microsoft site) that will help you quite a bit.

The current XSL WD is at:

Norman Walsh has an article originally in the January WebTechniques,
reprinted at, that's a more or less gentle introduction to the
"new" XSL (although the article is based on the first working draft):
(I prefer the reprint to the original in WebTechniques, because the
sample code is available in-line in the former but only in separate windows
in the latter -- much harder to print. :)

Good luck!

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