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Re: Make money fast! ... with XSL :)

Subject: Re: Make money fast! ... with XSL :)
From: "James Tauber" <jtauber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:29:10 +0800

>"In an attempt to jump-start XSL development, Sun Microsystems and Adobe
>putting up $90,000 in bounties for independent developers who come up with
>specific XSL implementations."
>  Full story at http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,33534,00.html for those
>are interested.

Most of this money is for a Java implementation of the XSL formating objects
that outputs PDF.

This is EXACTLY what FOP[1] does. Now if only I had the time to spend
getting FOP beyond early alpha...


[1] http://www.jtauber.com/fop/

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